Hill Country News – Lake Travis Marina adds 71 new boat slips

Jul 13, 2017 | News & Events | 0 comments

The NorthShore Marina on he NorthShore Marina on Lake Travis celebrated their ake Travis celebrated their addition of 71 boat slips with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Saturday, June 24.

About 50 people were in at- bout 50 people were in attendance, including the Mayor of Jonestown Charles T. Powell and members of the Lago Vista and Jonestown Chamber of Commerce.

The marina’s growth is indicative of the positive economic trend of high water on Lake Travis and meeting the demand from a waiting list, said Elaine Hughes, executive director of the Lago Vista and Jonestown Chamber of Commerce.

“People want to bring their boats out to Lake Travis, and there’s room for everyone. This is a much better situation,” Hughes said. “This kind of growth shows the confidence in our area.”

With the new addition, the marina upgraded from 197 boat slips to 268, making it one of the largest on Lake Travis.

Austin Cameron, owner of NorthShore and VIP marinas, bought NorthShore Marina in 2016 and has been working to improve it since. “Owning and operating marinas is the best job I could ever ask for,” Cameron said. “It’s ten times the work than I expected when I got in the business. It’s not a part-time job. It’s a full-time job and an active investment that you have to be very careful of every day and pour tons of money back into the facility to keep it fixed and keep it successful. That said, I love every day and the work.”

“Austin is an active boater and marina owner,” he said. “When he came in here, he and his crew has done a lot to improve the marina, and they got the ship store up and running. It’s a deep water marina and it’s our favorite marina. We’ve been on three different marinas before and this is our favorite one.”

Located six miles North of Mansfield Dam and directly across from Emerald Point, the marina address is 6612 Lantern View Dr. in the Hollows subdivision in Jonestown. Northshore is the only deep water marina on Lake Travis, meaning even in times of drought, the marina is able to stay on water without having to move very far from shore. The water at Northshore Marina is 150 to 160 feet deep, so boat slips on Lake Travis is always accessible. The marina also has 80 by 20 foot sized boat slips, the largest on Lake Travis.

In the two weeks since opening the 71 new slips on the marina, 25 percent of them have been leased. Cameron said he anticipates phase two of the expansion to the marina to take place in fall of 2018 at the current rate.

“Things are going great, business is up compared to last year,” Cameron said. “As far as gas sales boat rentals and occupancy, we’re doing better in all categories.”